Ізмаїльський державний гуманітарний університет

Foreigners Sector

(Ukrainian version)

The sector for working with foreign citizens was created with the aim of popularizing the educational services provided by  Izmail State University of Humanities (hereinafter – ISUH) for foreign citizens and stateless peоple, and for organizing work related to the study and stay of foreigners on the territory of Ukraine and  ISUH, in particular.

The work of the Foreigners Sector is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • to provide informational support to foreign citizens on issues related to  receiving invitations for studying at ISUH,  visa processing, admission and enrollment conditions, recognition and apostillation of educational documents, as well as stay on the territory of Ukraine;
  • to coordinate, together with the admissions committee, issues related to the admission and enrollment of foreign citizens in order to study at ISUH on accredited majors;
  • to receive documents and carry out the enrollment procedure and organize the training of foreigners at the Faculty of Foreign Languages preparatory department for Foreign Citizens​​;
  • to cooperate with the bodies of the State Migration Service of Ukraine, State Tax Service and Main Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Odesa region;
  • to cooperate with the SE “Ukrainian State Center of International Education”, SE “Information and Image Center” of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.
Контакти / Conacts
Телефон / Tel. +380671757896  (WhatsApp, Telegram)
Адреса / Address 66800, Україна, Одеська обл., м. Ізмаїл, вул. Рєпіна, буд. 12, каб. 202
E-Mail inter.stud.idgu@gmail.com
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Terms and procedure for admission to study

⇒ Admission procedure 2022

Deadlines for accepting applications and documents (educational degree “Junior Bachelor”, “Bachelor”, “Master”)

Terms of enrollment and training of foreign students to the Preparatory department

⇒ List of specialties and terms of study for foreign citizens at Izmail State University of Humanities

Tuition Fees for foreign students

Tuition Fees for foreign students in Izmail State University of Humanities for 2022-2023 academic year

The cost of living in hostels at Izmail State University of Humanities for the 2022-2023 academic year